Ritman University Brainstorms with Marine Experts in America

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers held its 21st Offshore Symposium in Houston, Texas, USA and Dr Cyril Ekong was there to represent Ritman University. Akwa Ibom State was in focus at that event for offering the world a shipbuilding and repair facility with its economic spin-offs.


Dr Ekong who heads Ritman University’s Chemical Sciences department is a specialist in Speciation and Modeling in Wetland Environment. He is also an Occupational health/safety Lead Auditor, Environmentalist and Sustainable Development Consultant. He was at the symposium in company of Dr MikeGeorge Onyung Рa maritime businessman Рwhere Dr Ikpoto Udoh, a Naval Architect at Houston Offshore Engineering was one of the guest lecturers. The trio has their roots in Akwa Ibom.

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