Dr Uduimoh Becomes Fellow, Consultant of Management Institute

The Institute of Management Consultants has elected Dr Anthony Uduimoh of Ritman University (RU) as Fellow of the Institute in recognition of his achievements in the profession.

Uduimoh also received recognition from the institute as a Certified Management Consultant after meeting the International Standards Registration Requirements.

The Board of Trustees and Governing Council of the Institute certified that Dr Uduimoh was elected “In recognition of outstanding academic and professional standing, and demonstrated commitment to creating, maintaining, extending and promoting the highest world standards of management consulting practice, ethics competence and client service”.

Dr Uduimoh, a Fellow of the Institute of Industrialists and Corporate Administrators, teaches courses in Banking and Finance and was Acting Head, Banking and Finance department in Ritman University. He worked as a banker for 32 years and was a Manager in Union Bank before taking up lecturing at RU. He holds Post-Graduate Diplomas in both Finance and Education, an MBA in Finance and a PhD in Finance. He holds membership of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and the Nigerian Institute of Management.

The lecturer has won a Merit Award for Excellence in Probity and Accountability in Financial Management by the Institute of Industrialists and Corporate Administrators. He has up to 11 journal publications and a book to his credit.

He is married with five children.


Edidiong Esara 01/08/19


Author: Ritman University

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